One of our goals is to help support young change-makers thrive, regardless of their access to space, funding, or resources. No one will be turned away based on age, but priority is given to young innovators, or those working to empower youth.


Enabling groups to develop their project despite a lack the sufficient funding is the foundational idea upon which CHI grew and developed. We cater to groups that are currently unable to rent office space, buy office materials, or if all of funds are allocated directly back into the project. We hope that by providing basic resources and a co-working atmosphere, projects and groups can flourish beyond what they would have alone.


Eligible groups applying for CHI sponsorship must have a well-developed project proposal or an active project. We aim to catalyze in-progress projects and startups, but this requires a detailed proposal or active project to work on at CHI.

Your Values

You, your team, and your project work to improve the city for all, with an enhanced focus on sustainability, livability, and inclusivity.

Sharing Resources

We encourage the free sharing of space, ideas, and resources in the CHI community. We aspire to bring together all sectors of the community together in the same physical space.


We provide basic office infrastructure, and the co-working space. You will need to provide (everything else). We provide more permanent and shareable office needs like whiteboards, projectors, chairs, tables, and printers, but you are responsible for bringing anything extra.

Our Values

Inclusivity and transparency are the guiding principles behind CHI. We do not discriminate against people based on sectarian axes of identity they cannot change (such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, (dis)abilities, religion, etc.). Transparency is a core value of CHI [Add more] Any discrimination among working groups is not tolerated and will be dealt with.


We aim to support medium and long-term projects of groups who meet on a regular basis.

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